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Increase your customers

Reach out to more potential customers around you

Increase your sales

With our location based service, it is easy to link up with customers who have already purchase items from your merchants before. We just offer a different way of doing that.

24h chat support

We are always online to help you make sales, set up or process orders. If you have any issues, you can easily get to us through our various communication channels here.

Order notifications

Get informed via text and email once an order has been placed for an item on your shop. Our quick notifications give you time to package your items before a driver comes and picks them.

Shop reviews coming soon

These are an invaluable way to get feedback from customers who have purchased from you. Their honest reviews can be used to make improvements to products and operations.

Cashless payment

We release payments for all the orders made every end of the day for your shop via Mpesa. This is an automatic process that makes sure you get paid for your items in a secure channel.

Smart analytics coming soon

We analyse information generated from your sales to tell you how well you merchants is doing, which products are doing well and those that ain't and areas you can improve on.