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What we do

Doorstep deliveries is an on-demand delivery service based in Kenya. We transport goods to your doorstep. We help individuals and merchants move products from one point to another in the easiest and fastest way possible.

+ 100 Riders & Drivers

Get our riders to handle all your logistics right when you need them to. They are always available at the press of a button. We understand the unpredictability of demand.

+ 100 Locations

We cover most areas across the city bringing your products closer to your customer when they ask for it. We also take your products across cities so that you can focus on your core business.

On-demand Delivery

Get your customers satisfied as soon as possible with our service. Let them have their product when they want it and keep them coming back for more. Customer satisfaction is key for us.

24/7 Support

We are with you all through the clock, every day from when you request your rider, to them being in-transit and making the drop off. You can also track all your delivery metrics in real time.

Secure Payments

Pay via mobile money, cash or credit card as your rider leaves in a clear and transparent manner. Our riders are trustworthy as they undergo a rigorous vetting process before being signed up.

Deliveries API

Our platform is open for use by developers in their applications by integrating last mile logistics. This attracts and retains customers. It also gives them an edge over other applications.

Your on-demand delivery partner

We are dedicated to making you deliveries, shipping and shopping more convenient and easier. Let us do the heavy lifting.

We promise to fulfil your orders in the fastest time possible and with proper handling.