Comprehensive information about our operations and answers to FAQs

How it works

Doorstep is an on-demand logistics company that specializes with last mile deliveries. You can also shop, based on your location, from stores around you.
From the home page, click on the request delivery link on the top menu. If you are already logged in, it will direct you to the request interface, if not, you will be directed to the log in interface where you can log in or create an account. Once you do that, you will be directed to the request page.

Once you get to the request page, follow the on screen instructions provided:

  1. Enter a pick up location. We use google maps' autocomplete tool which is pretty accurate. Once you do, enter more details on the pick up location. These are the building name/office name/estate name and the office number/house number. You can insert any relevant information in those fields. It does not have to be the specified ones.

  2. Enter a drop off location. Just like in the previous step, use the autocomplete feature to search for your location. Once you insert the location, the application will calculate the price and display it on the form. Fill in the extra details the proceed with the order.

  3. You will be directed to the check out page where you are required to write a note to the delivery guy. This can be anything from specifying how they are supposed to handle the package to a simple greeting. Use it to add any extra information regarding the delivery. Once done, click on the checkout button.

  4. This takes you to the payments page. Here, your payment is proceed. You can pay via Mpesa or card. Check the section above(Payments) to get more information on this step. Once you pay, we receive your order and processing begins. You can relax after this step. The rest is now up to us. You can view your order in 'My orders' page or track the package using our tracking page.

This is one of our favourite products and we encourage our users to use it as often as possible. We keep improving it.

  1. To place an order, navigate to 'Shop' using the link on the top menu. Once there, select your location to display registered stores in that area.

  2. You will then be directed to a page with all the registered stores in your area. From here, you can select the store you would like to purchase an item from.

  3. After selecting a store, you will be directed to a page with all the store's items. You can add as many items as you would like to purchase into your cart. From this page, you can also navigate back to the results page and shop from a different store in the same location.

    NOTE: You cannot shop from stores in different locations. Changing locations clears your cart.

  4. After selecting all the items you would like to purchase, click on the checkout button. On the 'Checkout' page, you get to fill in your address, delivery zone and add extra notes for the stores you are purchasing from or to the delivery guy.

    NOTE: Accurate information in this section is essential for a fast delivery so be as precise as possible.

  5. After filling in information in the 'Checkout' page, proceed to the 'Pay' page. Here, you pay using a card or Mpesa. Check the section above(Payments) to get more information on this step. Once you pay, we receive your order and processing begins. You can relax after this step. The rest is now up to us. You can view your order in 'My orders' page or track the package using our tracking page.


Yes! All information you enter on this site is encrypted hence can safely be transmitted to iPay's server. The 'https' tag on our domain in the url section of your browser is a confirmation of this. A malicious user (hacker) can therefore not access any information transmitted from this site.
On the payments page, select the 'Pay with card' interface. Fill in the details as required. We guide you at every step so the process should be seamless. Once done, click on the pay button. The payment will be initiated. Keep track of the progress by keeping a keen eye on the pay button. It changes once a new stage in the process is reached. If successful, you will be directed to the complete page. From here, you can proceed to 'View order' or 'Tracking'. If there was an error, the page will be refreshed and a retry button will be shown. You can then try again after reviewing your details.

Do you store my credit card details?

No we do not. Once you enter your card details, they are transmitted to iPay's server which verify the information and processes the transaction. We then get a response from iPay whether your transaction was successful or not.
This is pretty easy. On the payments page, select the 'Pay with Mpesa' option. Once you select it, enter you number. By default, we display the number you registered with. You can edit this number or proceed without editing it. A request from iPay, will be sent to your phone. This contains the amount.

If the amounts on the website or app do not match, please cancel and contact support. Otherwise, proceed with the payment process. Follow the instructions on your phone. Once you complete it, click on the 'Complete' button on the website. This searches for your transaction. Once the search is successful, you will be directed to the complete page.
iPay is a Kenyan payment processing firm that processes both online and POS transactions. They are our trusted partner in payments processing. They have a proven track record in this field and cutting edge fraud preventing and detecting technologies. Some of their other known clients are Jumia.

Delivery Process

After payment of an order is processed successfully, you will be taken to a completed page where you will be given a breakdown of your order. From this page, you can choose to view in-depth details via the ‘View order’ link or proceed to tracking the progress of your order via the ‘Track order link’.
With our tracking page, you can see real time progress of your order. On the map provided, you can view the driver’s location in relation to the pick-up and drop-off locations. You also get a status and a detailed description of the current point in the delivery.
We always advise our customers to expect a margin of at least 30 minutes on each order. This allows us to factor in unavoidable circumstances such as traffic jams. On the positive end of it, we could also be early by a couple of minutes which should also be expected.

Order Details

For this, you could open your ‘My Account’ page on a new tab, make the changes you would like to then refresh your checkout page. This updates your account details on your checkout page.
We advice our customers to be as accurate as possible when filling in this field because it could reduce delivery times by up to 50%. The information to be provide should include (but not limited to): house number, building name, estate/office complex, area name (sub-locality) and city (locality).

Tip: Also include commonly used names to assist our drivers navigate these regions.
In this entry, we try to collect any additional information the user might want to communicate to the driver or to the shop.

In the ‘Delivery Request’ notes section for example, you can write about how you want your package to be handled.

Tip: Do not disclose what’s in the package if you do not think it is necessary.

In the ‘Shop’ notes section, you could state any allergies you have, specifications of the type of fruits you would like (ready to eat or to eat in a few days).
Currently, this service is not available on our interface. You can however contact us directly at for this and we will help you out.

We will add this feature in the coming months.


The main factors taken into consideration are the distance covered from the pick-up point to the drop-off and the type of vehicle taken. Other factors considered are the time of day (for security purposes), the package type and it's weight. All these are weighed in when putting a price to a delivery order.
This is the price incurred for carrying out the service. It comprises of the delivery costs + the hassle of navigating to various shops to pick up items purchased. It is factored into the total cost of the order.
The price difference comes about because of the distance of the area from the shops. Also, naturally, different areas are more difficult to navigate to as compared to others. These are some of the factors we took into consideration when coming up with the prices for different zones.


Yes they are! We encrypt all important information associated with your account such that nobody can interfere with it. Not even we can.

So yes, you passwords are secure as well as any other important information in your account.
Yes. At the moment we do not have a distinction between business and personal transactions for the same account. Transactions are therefore not currently classified as either.

We however propose that you create a company account to carry out company transactions coupled with your personal account which could be used for personal delivery requests only.
Ideally, we would like you to provide your locations in your account page so that it is easier to check out after making a purchase. Using these saved locations, we are able to provide you with options to select from on the checkout page instead of you having to fill out the form each time you make a purchase.

Do not worry, they are also stored securely away from malicious users.
At the moment, you can only write an email to to have your account deactivated or completely deleted.

This functionality will be added in the near future so that you can do it by yourself on your own terms.